November 2018 to current (Principal Engineer)

MySQL Database Service, Oracle Cloud

  • Operations, Deployment, and development of MySQLaaS Cloud Service for Oracle Cloud
  • Deploying control plane and other components of MySQLaaS using Terraform
  • Developed a service canary deployment system using Ansible and Docker
  • Java development where necessary for control plane and operations applications
  • Represented and presented talks at Percona Live 2019 and Kubecon 2018 on topics pertaining to running MySQL/Stateful applications on containers/Kubernetes (see listing)

January 2017 to November 2018 (Principal Engineer)

Platform Engineering Group, Oracle + Dyn GBU

  • Operations, Maintenence, and development of automation tools and components of Hivecast, a Container-scheduling system which provides various functional containers for Edge DNS services, including:
  • BGP/Anycast configurations for containers
  • Chef cookbooks/Ansible Playbooks for system automation
  • Back end storage in Postgres
  • Understanding and being able to operate and manage an Consul cluster
  • Represented and presented talks at Oracle Openworld and Kubecon 2017 in Austin on topics pertaining to running MySQL/Stateful applications on containers/Kubernetes (see listing)

Various within last 10 years (Development, Devops, DBA, consultant)

Consulting (various clients)

  • Maintain MySQL database backends and system high-availability for and JobsInTheUS talent acquisition job boards
  • 24/7 Database monitoring and administration for application databases including developing an S3-backed backup and recovery system
  • Migrated properties from on-premise bare-metal to AWS
  • Custom development for features on
  • Full Automation of cloud-based assets using Ansible and Terraform on AWS
  • Automation of Xen VM and Docker container orchestration using Ansible
  • Development, automation, and maintenance of monitoring system
  • Database installation, automated backups (using PowerShell), and tuning on Windows for healthcare data (Freedman Consulting)

January 2014 to June 2017 (Principal Engineer)

HP Advanced Technology Group

  • Principal Engineer, Advanced Technology Group, NewStack project
    • Lead engineer on various R&D technology investigations a member of the Advanced Technology Group eventually leading to the prototyping and early product concepts of the HPE New Stack project.
    • Research of next-generation technologies, particularly cloud virtualization and containerization
    • Developed a Go services and associated Helm charts for deployment on Kubernetes
    • Worked on several prototype projects involving clustered container orchestration and management
    • Developed and contributed a MySQL Galera Cluster application to the Kubernetes project
    • Developed and contributed the Percona Helm Chart
    • Developed a complete AWS Deployment setup using Terraform
    • Development of automation of Kubernetes clusters with both Fleet and Ansible
    • Developed Ansible drivers for HP Switches, Docker, and Nova
    • Maintainership (bug-fixes and enhancements) of DBD::mysql (Perl driver)
    • Presented at various conferences on a number of topics including Ansible, CoreOS, Kubernetes, MySQL, and Docker

November 2011 to 2013 (Principal Cloud Developer, Technical Lead)

HP Cloud Services

  • Technical Lead for DNSaaS (HP Cloud DNS)
    • Built and led a geographically-distributed development team
    • Aggressive delivery of project from team creation to GA in 7 month period
    • Developed DNSaaS using Designate (Open-source inspired project)
    • Architected a backend HA Database Cluster. Built automation necessary virtual infrastructure required such as Galera (Percona XtraDB Cluster) using Chef
    • Delivered features despite aggressive and varying feature list and security requirements
  • Technical Lead for PaaS Cloud (Platform Services)
    • Built and led a geographically distributed team responsible for building a private Openstack-based cloud a private cloud used by various services such as DBaaS (database as a service), LBaaS (Load Balancers as a Service).
    • Developed full-automation of build-out of a 3-AZ (availability-zone) Openstack cloud (on hardware) using Saltstack (python)
    • Architected HA database backend using Galera (Percona XtraDB Cluster)
  • Database Consultation with Samsung (Seoul, Korea). Developed architectural plan for MySQL database HA and Scale-out to accommodate growth for Samsung Apps
  • Architected, designed and developed DBaaS (Database as a Service)
  • Assumed management of database systems for HPCS
    • developed and implemented automation of database systems using Chef
    • developed database HA plan
  • Optimized database Openstack schemas and provided consultation to various service teams for query performance improvements
  • Optimized database settings to improve overall system performance
  • Developed and implemented a backup and recovery system

October 2010 to November 2011(Senior Systems and Database Administrator)

Blue Gecko

  • Provide architectural expertise to various clients for various application components including:
    • Database scaling, redundancy and high availability both for MySQL and NoSQL
    • Custom storage engine development and support, including fixing replication incompatibility and porting to newer versions of MySQL.
    • Database health check and audit.
    • Development of database sharding both in the application layer and schema
    • Implementation and management of numerous replication schemes and topographies
    • Schema and index optimization
    • Application caching
    • Implementation and management of database backup systems.
    • Provide expertise in operating system and database configurations
    • Development of information such as customer procedural documents as well as information and tips available to the public via blogging.
  • Released several versions of both DBD::mysql and DBD::drizzle (Perl database drivers)
  • Released a new version of the FederatedX Storage Engine as part of the MariaDB project

July 2009 to October 2010 (Software Developer)

NorthScale Inc. (Now Couchbase)

  • Contributed to the development and testing of the Membase Database including:
    • Worked on porting Membase to Microsoft Windows
    • Developed and managed the build system for both Membase and memcached
    • Developed the command-line interface tools for Membase
  • Ported memcached and libmemcached to Microsoft Windows platforms using mingw (GNU Compiler Collection)
  • Released Drizzle Memcached Functions (UDF)
  • Released Drizzle sleep() UDF
  • Released several versions of Memcached Functions for MySQL (UDF)
  • Released DBD::drizzle Perl driver for Drizzle
  • Various releases of DBD::mysql (Perl MySQL database client)
  • Implemented automated build system using Buildbot, producing Windows binaries for company product
  • Contributed to the development of moxi (memcached proxy)
  • Tested various monitoring and system automation schemes. Implemented monitoring using Nagios and Cacti, automation using Puppet.
  • Tested several key/value stores as solutions for scale-out including Tokyo Cabinet/Tyrant. Added Tokyo Cabinet support to internal key/value testing tool (C++)

October 2008 to July 2009 (Principal Software Engineer)

Lycos Inc.

  • Implemented support for PHP and MySQL for Tripod users. This included: Integrating back-end database PHP and MySQL database servers into the existing Tripod infrastructure, modifying various PHP applications (Drupal, Gallery, Joomla, Mediawiki, etc) as well as implementing a PHP application installer and MySQL database administration tool.
  • Migrated various applications from using Oracle to MySQL
  • Provided MySQL consultation to operations group

January 2007 to October 2008 (Senior Software Developer, Database Administrator)

Grazr Inc.

  • Designed, implemented, and managed Database Architecture schema and infrastructure, consisting of multiple-master, multiple-slave replication
  • Built mod_perl web applications, back-end server applications to support Grazr Web 2.0 applications
  • Developed Grazr Database User Defined Functions (UDF) and grazrd socket server used for initiating back-end, event-driven processing initiated from within MySQL.
  • Implemented Search Engine functionality using Sphinx SQL Full-text Search Engine
  • Designed and implemented database scaling using the blackhole storage engine in conjunction with replication.
  • Implemented system monitoring with Nagios and performance measurement with Cacti
  • Set up remote data center to host development machines

January 2004 to January 2007 (Senior Systems Engineer)

MySQL Inc.

  • Designed, Developed, and implemented MySQL Federated Storage Engine. Added SQL Language support to the MySQL parser to support Federated.
  • Maintainer and developer of DBD::mysql perl database driver. Implemented prepared-statement support as well as other features, enhancements and bug-fixes. Respond to community requests and questions.
  • Developed mysqlslap MySQL benchmarking and load emulation tool.
  • Worked as a member of the Falcon Storage Engine team
  • Fixed bugs and added features to various MySQL server and client components such as mysqldump backup utility and database partitioning
  • Developed server build automation tools, including Windows MySQL server binary builds.
  • Assumed role as build engineer and produced various MySQL server binary releases.
  • Developed various utilities to assist docs team in producing DocBook XML-based documentation.

August 1999 to September 2002 (Senior Software Developer)

Open Source Development Network/VA Linux

  • Re-architected software and re-released as a well-managed open source project.
  • Managed core development team.
  • Stabilized by reconfiguring and optimizing application database and source code, server hardware, and server OS. Normalized database for better performance.
  • Developed many code features in Slash (mod_perl-based) including site administration UIs, traffic management functionality, security enhancements, content filtering, and user management UIs.
  • Developed and implemented systems configuration, both in capacity and security setup of database and web servers.
  • Developed database-driven detection and reporting tools used to control robots and unusually excessive web client hits.
  • Launched
  • Performed code design and review of Slash codebase. Documented entire codebase and created ERD for existing database schema.
  • Re-architected and news sites. Developed new features and migrated data from existing website databases.
  • Developed and Launched Sourceforge Foundries.

March 1998 to August 1999 (Senior Software Engineer, Team Lead)

The Cobalt Group

  • Technical Manager of applications group.
  • Developed database-driven web applications for automotive manufacturers and dealers.
  • Performed DBA tasks such as database schema design, implementing database monitoring tools, and working with Oracle Technical Services for initial Oracle implementation.
  • Developed data importation utilities to accommodate various forms of exported data from multiple sources to Oracle and MySQL.
  • Developed intranet for Toyota with on-line employee training and performance tools.
  • Developed an email harvesting application.
  • Developed a VIN decoding application.

September 1996 to March 1998 (to November 1998 consultant)

Horvitz Newspapers

  • Developed and launched web sites for daily local area newspapers Eastside Journal, South County Journal, The Daily Times, and Mercer Island Reporter.
  • Automated delivery of editorial content to web sites.
  • Developed complete automation of Ad One Classified Network data to publish classifieds on web sites.
  • Performed Systems administration duties including security setup and configuration, Operating system installation, Web Server Configuration as well as router and network configuration

August 1986 to current


  • Radius North Communications - Principal 01/07 - 06/10
  • Classmates Online - Senior Software Developer (contract) 2/03 to 8/03
  • T-Mobile - Senior Systems Engineer (contract) 10/02 to 2/03
  • Newscope Technology 1/96 to 9/96
  • McCaw Cellular/AT&T Wireless - Test Engineer (contract) 9/95 - 1/96
  • Siemens Ultrasound Group - Production Technician (contract) 1/93 - 6/95
  • Pacific Spectrum Technologies - Field Service Technician 8/92 - 1/93
  • US Navy - Fire Control Technician (Electronics Technician) 8/86 - 8/92