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22 Feb 2014

For the longest time, I’ve been wanting to update my own site. I work on so many things but my own site is not one of them. I keep promising to do something and get pulled into working on some project or my young children need something (every few minutes!). Recently, my friend Brian pointed me to something that removes any sort of reason for wanting to procrastinate: Jekyll and Github Pages.

Jekyll makes it much easier to update the site– using my favorite editor vim. Yes, I have to do a few ruby-ish things, but that’s OK, despite being a Perl (and now Python) guy. You get to my age and realize they are all essentially similar tools trying to solve variants of the same problem. It’s all just bits, right?

My plan with this site is to post technical stories on a regular basis. Yes, I said “regular”, and I will hold my own feet to the fire to deliver on this objective.

What really helps, and that I’m really greatful for, is that I’m working for HP in the Advanced Technology Group (ATG) and am able to investigate and work on interesting and emerging technologies. In doing so, I plan to share my insites and where I find these things to be of use. The means of doing this is to emerge myself in a project and try to solve a given problem with them. My background is database admnistration and development, so that will be a likely angle I’ll take in trying a given project out.

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